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Video marketing case studies with David Meerman Scott and Greg Jarboe

October 26, 2010 by  
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David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, and Greg Jarboe, author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day, go on a tour of marketing videos, reviewing various case studies. Both begin by reviewing a Will It Blend video by Blendtec. The first Blendtec video was produced for $50. The original idea for the Blendtec YouTube videos came from the company’s research and development lab where staff began blending 2X4s. Greg mentions that not only did these marketing videos by Blendtec garner millions of views but it also boosted sales of Blendtec blenders by more than 700%. David says the Blendtec YouTube video was shared on other websites causing a spike in video views of more than 6 million. Next, David cites the example of IBM and their successful BtoB video marketing campaign with their marketing video, The Art of the Sale. Greg then goes on to describe his example of successful video marketing with Monty Python and their YouTube video marketing channel. As a result of creating their YouTube video channel, sales of Monty Python DVDs shot up by more than 23000%. Next, David goes on to describe the recent phenomenon of crowd sourced videos. David cites such examples as Hewlett Packard, which created a contest for students and the goal was to show an HP product in a creative way. Another example of crowd sourced videos is Heineken. The beer company put out a call to anyone to create a new video as that was an update to their successful

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