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USB 6 LED PC Webcam Camera plus + Night Vision MSN, ICQ, AIM, Skype, Net Meeting and compatible with Win 98 / 2000 / NT / Me / XP / Vista

October 26, 2010 by  
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  • USB interface, no external power supply needed
  • 6 bright white LEDs for night vision
  • Plug & Play compatible
  • No built-in microphone
  • Heavy-duty clip w/ foam pads, will not scratch surfaces it’s mounted on

Product Description
Connect with your world day or night using our Webcam with Night Vision. 6 LEDs will illuminate the darkness, and a high-resolution color sensor provides 24-bit true color. Twist the lens to focus it for an incredibly clear picture. Great for Skype, ICQ, AIM, MSN, or net meetings!
Please note, this camera model is not compatible with Yahoo, and has no built-in microphone.
Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP… More >>

USB 6 LED PC Webcam Camera plus + Night Vision MSN, ICQ, AIM, Skype, Net Meeting and compatible with Win 98 / 2000 / NT / Me / XP / Vista


5 Responses to “USB 6 LED PC Webcam Camera plus + Night Vision MSN, ICQ, AIM, Skype, Net Meeting and compatible with Win 98 / 2000 / NT / Me / XP / Vista”
  1. Alexandra says:

    I was really amazed at this product! Since the price is cheap you think its gonna be a peice of crap or something is broken on it. I read the reviews which were saying thumbs up, so i decided to give it ago if it was crap well atleast i didnt pay much for it. Honestly this is one of the best webcams I have ever owned. The price is cheap, shipping was quick, and everything works. The picture is great and not laggy. All I did was plug it in and get on my skype and it started working it was awesome. The only problem I have with it are the lights a little bright they are either extremely low or really bright. Though it’s not a big thing to worry about it’s fine for me. not really sure what the button on the top is for though im sure I can figure it out by looking up the manual(manual and instructions not included)I would deffinatly reccommend this webcam to anyone who is searching for a good cheap webcam. Lets just hope it lasts!!!!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. This webcam is terrific for the price. There is no software to install which is a plus but it was a bit confusing figuring out how to get to work. The first time I plugged it to my laptop (windows vista), the drivers were downloaded automatically. Then nothing happened. I restarted the laptop, still nothing. I had to open Yahoo Messenger, open the webcam application, then plug in the webcam and viola! it worked. There is a nifty light-bulb behind the lens so it can capture in the dark. You can control the amount of light but that’s about it. No other frills. Broadcasting speed is about 1 sec behind real time. The picture is great.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. sobore says:

    This is a basic no frills webcam that is decent for the price. No drivers need to be installed, however it did not work in Windows XP service pack 1. I updated my operating system with XP service pack 3 and the camera works fine.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. N. C. Snyder says:

    It plugs in, it installs, but no video. I’ve only got it to work in meebo chat which is flash-based. The main clients like MSN AND yahoo detect it but you get a black or grey screen. Night vision sounds cool but the reality is a bunch of bright LED’s blinding you the entire time it’s on. They can be turned off but then you get low light display. Not an entire waste of money, but there’s way better driver-free devices out there.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. works well with AIM. havent tried it wit anything else but i do enjoy it. the only thing, i thought i came with a mic n it doesnt.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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