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Photomatix Pro

October 26, 2010 by  
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  • Creation HDR images
  • Tone Mapping
  • Exposure Fusion
  • Automatic alignment hand-held photos
  • Reduction of noise and chromatic aberrations in HDR images

Product Description
HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo processing… More >>

Photomatix Pro


5 Responses to “Photomatix Pro”
  1. I am a SLR newbie, and never thought I would be diving into HDR so quickly (didn’t even know what it was a month ago). This program makes it so easy to transform your photos. I have posted a few photos so you could see the original and the AFTER. This is a very insteresting technique. Once you have your shot taken with at least 3 different exposures then you will merge the 3 photos into HDR image, and then next step of the program is tone mapping to reveal highlights & shadows details in HDR image. The results will AMAZE you.

    One note, you can download this software’s trail version for free to see if you like it, that is what I did. You can use it indefinetely (not 30 days like most), but it will leave a watermark on your finished project, but at least you can play with it before plopping down $100.

    **If you don’t have a camera that can take 3 different exposures or you having a moving target that you can’t, you can take one photo and then manipulate 2 new exposures with a software program, or even Windows photo gallery. It is not “true” hdr, but it gives the same results. I took some photos of my niece walking down the aisle at an outside wedding on a beautiful day. I couldnt do the 3 diffenet exposures with my camera because of the movement (even a second in time makes a difference of the photo you take), so I manipulated 2 new exposures afterwards and then used this program. The results were amazing, the sky alone with the clouds and sun shinning thru looked 3D.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Photomatix offers a relatively strong and low-cost way to get into HDR photography, and I find it a great creative tool.

    The program’s support for RAW format images seems to be good – it handles RAW from my Nikon D300 and D3x without problems, although the large files that come from my D3x seem to take a long time to process. A fast computer and lots of memory help.

    Assuming good basic technique, the images come out amazingly well. Although the basic idea is to stitch together images taken with different exposures, sometimes it’s handy to use the program’s tone mapping capabilities, even on a single image.

    I tend to start my workflow with Photomatix, outputting HDR TIF images that I usually bring back into an editing program (PhotoShop) for further tweaking. Photomatix is good at HDR – you still need something else for many of the other changes you might want to make to your images.

    Overall, I find the software a great creative tool and it’s helped me think in new ways about contrast and dynamic range in my images. Definitely worth the price.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. L. Bishop says:

    Photomatix Pro has enabled me to get DSLR quality images on my Canon Power Shot S5 IS camera. I’m having so much fun with Photomatix Pro, my hungering for the Canon EOS 7D is not as strong as before discovering Photomatix.

    Using this “magical” software I have been able to “reverse engineer” some of my older photos taken as single exposure shots and turn them into the eye poppers.

    In Photoshop I increased the exposure on an otherwise well composed shot, but a little flat exposure wise. I increased exposure by 1.0 stops, and reduced the exposure by .5 stops. I saved each “tweaked” image and then sent them over to Photomatix, and WOW! Another eye popper emerged. There is one drawback, although the exposure and contrast were great, the color suffered. I saved the recreated photo as a black and white, and corrected the image a little bit back in Photoshop. The resulting black and white image is as great as if it had been a bracketed image in the first place.

    ADDED: I was able to “reverse engineer” a color photo and merge the exposures and the color rendering came out fine. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t. But you’ll get great B/W images even if you cannot get good color results.

    Many of my photos done with the bracketing and Photomatix merging take on oil painting qualities or some have even looked like pen and ink drawings.

    Others take on a surreal look without any Photoshop SFX.

    If you own a higher end Point and Shoot with exposure bracketing, this is THE software to purchase. You don’t even need Photoshop. Photomatix saves the merged images as a TIFF file which means you can edit the merged image in just about any photo editing program.

    If you’re like me, wanting to upgrade to a DSLR but still can’t quite afford one, then the $100 investment in Photomatix will make the wait a bit more tolerable.


    Well, I now own the camera of my dreams, the Canon 7D. Using exposure bracketing on the 7D and Photomatix have given me some really eye-popping images.

    This is a five star product!

    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I am so glad I bought this program! It takes time to learn how each control effects a picture but the results are phenomenal. This software solution captures a wider exposure range like true eye sight. My next camera will have exposure bracketing to make the process faster. For interior pictures of a home light pouring in windows have always been a problem but now I take dazzling pictures of the decor of a home, and see green grass outside the windows!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Kent Baker says:

    I have begun teaching HDR photography in my photography classes. Needless to say, we use Photomatix Pro in that class. Although there are other useful software products, Photomatix Pro is by far the most comprehensive. It allows you to make many interpretations of the same set of exposures. You can go from realistic, to super realistic, to over the top with the same set of origingal captures. Granted, it is a little intimidating the first few times you encounter the Detail Enhancer interface (to say the least!), but with a little practice it quickly becomes familiar. You will need to post process most of the images you create in an image editing program to achieve optimal results. But this is also a way to make addition interpretations of your image because of the great amount of detail in images made with HDR techniques. I highly recommend this product!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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