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Photo Impact Pro 13

October 26, 2010 by  
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  • Breeze Through Everyday Photo Tasks
  • Improved ExpressFix Wizard
  • Improved High-End Image Editing
  • Hundreds of Special Effects
  • Photo Project Wizard

Product Description
PhotoImpact Pro 13 is the ideal choice for digital photography, creative design and web graphics – all in one powerful suite. You’ll get everything you need to organize, edit, manage, and share digital photos – and so much more!

Whether you’re new to digital photography or a seasoned professional, you’ll appreciate the award-winning power and flexibility of PhotoImpact Pro. It not only delivers state-of-the-art image editing for enthusiasts, but it also caters to f… More >>

Photo Impact Pro 13


5 Responses to “Photo Impact Pro 13”
  1. I’ve used the older version but when the new microsoft was updated, it made it obsolete. I had to buy a newer version. I can’t live without this. I love it for creating cards and creating great photos. It’s like cheating. Everyone thinks I’m a great photographer, but it’s just the magic of Photoimpact.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Mattopoo says:

    I was looking for a replacement for the Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10 program that I had been using for years. I figured that after all this time, software technology undoubtly had made improvements that would be noticeable. Not so in this case. While it is true that there are a few powerful tools in this software, it is not as user friendly as should be expected and learning these will take some time. Not so with Microsoft’s program as within minutes you will easily be erasing unwanted objects (which can also be done in Nova but with extra steps, etc), cropping, and so forth.

    In all fairness, it should be noted that the auto adjust function of Nova’s program does work pretty well, especially the fix levels option which will correct colors, lighting, etc. (but is this worth $70?) Beware though that although sometimes the pictures will look good on the screen, when printed, some have looked like a poor “touch up”. One reviewer said that in about 2 hours he got a slideshow together – although he thought this to be a positive, that about sums it up. In Microsoft, once you learn the Photostory program, it will literally take 5 minutes to compose a beautiful slideshow complete with music.

    To Nova’s credit, they stood by their 90 satisfaction policy. I returned the product and they issued a complete refund less tax and shipping charges. Well done. Now create an easier, user friendly program. As for me, I’m going back to my old Microsoft standby.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. PenMangler says:

    I’ve been using PI 11 since it came out. I upgraded to 13 pro when I got my new computer. There was a rebate and a load of extras included, so why not. One of the bonuses is a great slide show program, “Memories on TV4″. I spent two hours putting together a slide presentation and tried to put it on DVD (it has three options, including VCD). A window pops up calling for an unlock code to “use that portion of the program”. WHAT unlock code? Nowhere in the box, book, or install dvd does it have an unlock code. PI13 has the install code, but it’s a different number. Without the code, it defaults to the VCD which “has good resolution and plays with many dvd players on the market” (to that effect.)

    I have gone to Nova’s “contact us” page three times and have explained my problem. Not one reply. Not even an automated acknowledgment. This stinks. If it is going to boast of over $200 in bonus programs in order to make a sell, the programs should be fully usable, don’t you think? Particularly since they all are one version behind their current ones.

    As for the PhotoImpact program, it’s more of the same that the previous versions had except it will work with Vista. It has a steep or gentle learning curve depending on how much grunt you want. It will do almost anyting you want it to do…except a slide show.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Alok Govil says:

    I have had PhotoImpact version 7 that I had removed shortly after installing since it was no use over Paint Shop Pro.

    Some history: At that time, it used to be “Ulead” PhotoImpact 7. Now the same lineage has resulted in two products – Nova PhotoImpact Pro 13 and Corel PhotoImpact X3. The two are just the same. Maybe some minor differences. I had downloaded trial from Corel since Nova does not provide one. Nova even includes Corel MediaOne Plus from Corel for free and also installs a folder called Ulead.dat proving the lineage. Checkout

    I am pleased with the software. Works fine without any bugs. Using Vista 32-bit with 4 GB RAM. Installation was clean too.

    Nova now clearly wins over Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 (PSP X2). Corel has barely made any improvements to PSP X2 for more than five years. Nova has caught up in the meanwhile and beats PSP X2 thoroughly. I have gotten PSP X2 to upgrade five year old PSP X for free after two rebates (Thanks Thanksgiving!) Still will return PSP X2 since it barely has anything over PSP X, and Nova beats it in almost all aspects. Were it not for just a few minor things, I would also have uninstalled PSP X now that I have Nova Photo Impact Pro 13.

    Notice how Corel downplays PhotoImpact X3 (Corel version) on their website as compared to Corel PSP X2. Because of acquisitions, they have two competing products and they focus on PSP X2. (Yet, there is no development on PSP for the past several years. Checkout Why are they downplaying PhotoImpact X3? I guess the only reason can be that Nova also sells almost the very same!

    Besides all the powerful tools, Nova provides lots of content — backgrounds, templates, brushes, etc.

    It also comes with third-party tools (do not need to install if you do not need). Literally summing up to $200 value. Two of the bonus tools are one version behind but they work fine! Now free alternatives may exist for one or two of the bonus tools. Other ones look pro enough not to have free alternatives.

    Because of such a large feature-set, the help is “somewhat” lagging behind. I could not find enough help on scrapbooking, even though I see a lot of content related to it. Am still not sure how to use these features and content. Keeping help in sync is one place where Nova can improve.

    Then, they have bundled several bonus tools together for different tasks. Many-a-times, the bonus tools have similar functionality as Nova, just that they are simpler to use (small feature-set allows for simpler and cleaner GUI). Examples: Corel MediaOne Plus for organizing photos and quick photo fixes. But then Nova already has tools for both built-in. They have bundled FaceFilter. Again, Nova has some features built in. Then, they bundled Real-Draw. Same story again.

    They need to focus on not bundling functionality but on making the functionality more coherent.

    Nova’s website looks fairly preliminary. Will soon find out how good their support is.

    Misc: The bonus tools install only directly from the DVD. Cannot install after copying installation files from the DVD back to the PC.

    Overall: Am pleased with the purchase.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Let me start by saying I typically love PhotoImpact. I have used it since version 7 and have upgraded it over the years. I started out photo editing using PhotoShop and found that I liked everything about PhotoImpact better. However, I can not recommend version 13. I am so disappointed it in and I am trying to return it (yea right?!). It installed fine after removing my version 11 and I was up and running. I spent a lot of time getting my desktop exactly how I like it, adding and deleting toolbars that I use often and customizing them. After I finished I closed PhotoImpact. When I came back to it later that night ALL of my customization had defaulted back to its original settings. I thought I had done something wrong so I spent time re-doing it. Same thing happened. Also, the text description of the various tools is not there. There is just a blank grey space where it should be and you have to drag your mouse over the tool to actually see what the tool does. I contacted their customer service and this is their exact answer “Unfortunately, that option is a part of the code. I’m not sure why it was modified so drastically, but there is no way to reset that to the old style.” Hmmm . . Based on that answer I am assuming there is no way to customize your work space unless you do it every time you open PhotoImpact. Personally I find this unacceptable. I also find it unacceptable to have an empty grey space where the text description of the toolbar should be. Their tech support has been very slow to respond to my emails and they do not have a toll-free number that you can call and talk to them. I do not recommend you buy version 13. I would recommend that you find Version 11 that works great!

    Rating: 1 / 5

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