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Logitech Webcam C260 with 3 MP Photos and Microphone

October 26, 2010 by  
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  • Ultra-clear video recording and smooth video calling in 16:9 widescreen delivered by Logitech Fluid CrystalTM Technology
  • Free, fast and easy wide-screen video calls with included Logitech Vid HD video calling software
  • Vibrant 3 MP photos
  • Auto light correction and built-in noise-cancelling mic make video calls look and sound great
  • Works with Windows-based PCs, Logitech VidTM HD, SkypeTM, Yahoo┬« Messenger, Microsoft LiveTM Messenger

Product Description
Logitech HD Webcam C260. HD video calling that’s simple. Bring your loved ones closer with dazzling HD video, 3 MP photos (software enhanced), and intelligent webcam technology that just works…. More >>

Logitech Webcam C260 with 3 MP Photos and Microphone


5 Responses to “Logitech Webcam C260 with 3 MP Photos and Microphone”
  1. R. Anderson says:

    Watch Video Here: This is my 3 minute review of the Logitech C260 web cam (taken with the web cam of course!). This will let you see how well it records while I discuss the features of the product. Have fun!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. The main specifications for the Logitech Webcam C260 are:

    *Fluid video calling and recording in 16:9 widescreen

    *3 MP photos

    *Auto light correction for dim lighting conditions

    *Noise-cancelling mic for clear conversations

    *Easy video calling with included Logitech Vid or any IM application

    *Quick webcam setup using the enclosed Logitech Webcam Software CD

    I am happy to share that I found that this webcam is Linux friendly. I have tested it on Crunch Bang Linux (which is built over Ubuntu 9.04, so the results I found should work for any Linux operating system that has an Ubuntu base, like Linux Mint and Xubuntu, it will most likely work with any Debian base as well, but I am less certain about this). When I plugged in the webcam, Crunch Bang Linux recognized it immediately without needing to use the drivers on the CD-ROM. The picture was very clear, in fact the clearest of any of the webcams I have used so far (I have a lot of experience with about 5 others). The webcam adjusts to low light conditions (even without the software that helps to adjust to low light!). This is important to me, because many of the older webcams handle only a small range of lighting conditions, and make people look shadowy even with enough illumination coming from light bulbs. It seems that the older webcams were not sensitive to the frequency bands of many light bulbs. I concluded it was worth the extra money to get the webcams that were optimized for low light conditions (like this one).

    I tried Skype on Crunch Bang Linux and Windows XP, this camera delivered good video in both environments. The Linux version of Skype is less advanced than the Windows XP version. It seems that the condenser mike needs to be adjusted manually on Linux for more optimal sound, but sounds good on Windows with the Skype auto-adjustment feature.

    Update: I tested the webcam on PC Linux 2010 Open Box edition. Unlike Crunch Bang Linux, PC Linux did not automatically install a video application to test the webcam on. But I found the “Cheese” software application in their repository and downloaded it (the software, as usual for Linux, is open source and did not cost anything to download and use). The software automatically detected the webcam and presented a very high quality and high resolution image, and the webcam also adjusted for the low light conditions automatically. On PC Linux, running on an old generic Pentium 4 1.6 ghz processor, the webcam was able to track motion without going fuzzy. It seems, too, that PC Linux loaded some superior video drivers into the old computer that brought out the high resolution quality that the webcam is capable of.

    The webcam also has a kind of folding arm that allows a lot of different set ups. It seems mainly designed to hang on top of a notebook computer screen or a desktop LCD screen. It has some range of tilting to angle down to where you are sitting. I also found that the arm can also act as a stand when simply placed on a table and the tilting range can also work to angle to where a person is sitting. When used this way, there is enough of a base so that the webcam is not wobbly. Another webcam that I had I eventually glued to a block of wood so that it would not fall over. This webcam does not need this and therefore can be used free standing (provided there is no pull from the cable).

    I had a chance to upload the Windows software that came with the webcam. It has taken me some time to do this, because I prefer working in a Linux environment over the Windows environment. The software was of a good quality and worked without glitch. It also had a feature where it showed some free software available on online and where to download it, including Windows Movie Maker, which I felt was the best of those it presented and which I made a few videos that I uploaded to my youtube channel. All in all, the software was good and comparable to many other video software packages that are available online. The software did not stand shoulders above the free options online, but was professionally done, glitch free, loaded easily, and reliable.

    I sent my brother Bob, who has built some computers and repairs some computers in his spare time. We both used the camera to do a Skype call to each other. We agree it was the best camera we both have tried and enjoyed the great picture we were sending back and forth. We are both happy that it is Linux compatible. My brother Bob tested it on both Windows and Linux Mint 9 and it worked well on both of these operating systems. Out of the three Linux OS that were tested, PC Linux, Mint, and Crunch Bang, all of them were built on top of an Ubuntu OS foundation and on Ubuntu OS is built on top of a Debian OS foundation. Since the webcam worked 3 for 3 on Ubuntu and Debian Linux systems, it is highly likely that any similar Linux system should be able to also use this webcam. I tested the webcam on two different Windows XP systems. One was the Acer Revo, Windows automatically deteched and loaded the exact driver without the aid of the driver CD. The same with the other Windows system. Bob tested it on Windows 7 and found the same thing. I just finished also testing the webcam on Windows Vista and it also played well at high resolution, even on a 22 inch widescreen, and did install the proper drivers without needing the software driver CD.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Edgar Arrow says:

    I have zero experience with webcams, let alone purchased one. I had it in the back of my mind that the video would be grainy and they wouldn’t be too user friendly, and I thought those little ball-shaped cameras looked stupid, so I never got off my rear to look into them. As more of my friends and family starting using Skype, I spent an hour or so looking at different products, and considering price, features, and reviews, I bought this model. I’ve only used it a few times since purchase, but it’s easy to setup and understand, gets along fine with my Dell Laptop and Desktops, takes great still pictures, and hasn’t exhibited any glitches so far. On the other end people say the video looks good and sounds fine, so with my limited experience, I’m a happy camper with this Logitech so far.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Al says:

    I really enjoyed playing with this 720P webcam. I have my computer in a dark basement and was able to obtain brilliant and clear video with just one 100 Watt equivalent CFL bulb in a torch lamp 4 ft away. If you are stuck with an earlier generation webcam, you will appreciate the low light boost feature. I use Windows XP with an Intel core duo 2.1 ghz, 3 gb ram, and performance was not degraded with the extra software even though the recommendation was for a 2.4 ghz dual core processor. If you like a clean start up though, you should disable the load at boot functionality as the drivers added 20 extra seconds to my XP boot time.

    I also installed it on a laptop= XP SP3, 1 gb RAM, 1.8 ghz duo core processor. The performance was perfectly acceptable. No stutters or degradation of quality.

    The video editing software that came with the product is decent, with better splicing and touch up fuctions than Windows Movie Maker. The noise cancellation function was decent, and helped to minimize echos when talking with family who are overseas.

    I will upload a video review later with some scenery shots to demonstrate the quality of the video in regular and low light.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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