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Logitech 2 MP HD Webcam C905 for Notebooks with Built-in Microphone

October 26, 2010 by  
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  • The Logitech 2 MP Portable Webcam C905 and QuickCam Pro for Notebooks include identical hardware
  • Ultra-smooth AutoFocus with Carl Zeiss optics and 2-megapixel resolution for high-clarity video and vibrant photos up to 8 MP
  • RightLight2 Technology light correction for the best images, even in dim and backlit conditions
  • Integrated premium microphone with RightSound2 Technology for crystal-clear conversations
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Product Description
Make high-clarity video calls home with the best travel webcam for road warriors. The travel-size 2 MP Portable Webcam C905 goes where lesser mobile webcams don’t–smooth, razor-sharp full-screen video. High-precision Carl Zeiss optics, ultra-smooth AutoFocus, and light-correcting RightLight2 Technology work together to make your video calls look so real, it’s like being in the room with your spouse and kids back home. Enjoy crystal-clear conversations with a built-… More >>

Logitech 2 MP HD Webcam C905 for Notebooks with Built-in Microphone


5 Responses to “Logitech 2 MP HD Webcam C905 for Notebooks with Built-in Microphone”
  1. When I got the package, the first thing that made me happy was the size of this camera. I travel a fair amount on business and have a two-year-old daughter, so I always take a camera with me to talk to her at night and allow her to see me. The size of this camera is as good as it gets for traveling, and it also includes a great padded pouch for transporting it.

    The other aspect of this product that I loved is its image quality, especially in regards to how well it adjusts the image based on the light and also how when you are on a Skype call and you move, the person on the other side can clearly see the movement instead of seeing a blur on their screen. I compared its quality side by side with my previous camera, which roughly costs half of what this one goes for, and the difference in quality was huge; making this a great purchase.

    In terms of the software installation, the instructions were simple and clear and the process does not take too much time. The only thing that can be improved is that when you get to the point in which you are prompted to plug in the camera, while the computer is checking the configuration, the installation screen keeps prompting for the camera to be plugged in. People used to installing plug-and-play hardware will quickly realize what is going on, but some users may be confused by this and start unplugging and plugging the device.

    In terms of using the camera with Skype, the integration is seamless. The only setting I had to adjust manually was the microphone, but this is straightforward, I just needed to go to the Options / Sound Devices and pick the appropriate audio in. A final thing to consider is that for the camera to work with Skype you have to close the Logitech Quickcam software, since the image cannot be used by both programs at the same time.

    Overall I am highly satisfied with this product, and besides the minor problems mentioned above, the only other thing I did not care for was the stand. This camera works great if you are going to clip it to your laptop screen, but the stand provided for use with desktops is wobbly and does not help with image quality at all.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Ken says:

    This is the perfect webcam for using with a laptop. The image quality is outstanding and works well even in low light. The cord is just long enough to connect up to a USB port without getting in the way and saves space when packed up in the tiny neoprene case that’s included. Logitech even thought to include a handy mini velcro strap on the USB cord to keep things organized. There’s a small and quite adequate microphone with the camera. The stand that is included with the camera breaks apart into three smaller pieces so it can also easily fit in one’s gear bag. I’m a bit concerned it’s not quite sturdy enough for constant assembly-and-disassembly. I can see using the stand quite a bit when attending lectures because it isolates the microphone from the sound of keyboard typing. I also own an Quick Cam Ultra Vision on a workstation at work. All in all, I’d say that this tiny webcam gives the huge Ultra Vision a good run for it’s money on image quality and features, but is much more convenient for the road warrior. Logitech is obviously taking web cams seriously– these are the two best webcams I have ever seen. They suddenly make video conferencing, video Skype, and OneNote video notes a must have.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. G. Kuo says:

    Update: A replacement unit has good focus from side to side. The focusing defect I saw appears to be unit specific. Check your unit for focus uniformity across its entire field of view to avoid a defective unit. Once you have a good one, the image quality is excellent.

    This webcam does produce a better picture than the built-in camera of a MacBook. Yes, it works with with Mac OS 10.4.10 natively as a UVC device. HOWEVER, the unit I purchased had a focusing flaw. The left side of the image was always slightly out of focus while the right side of the image was well focused. As a result, the very nice lens system just could not get the entire picture right. This focusing flaw was not so noticeable at iChat’s low 640 x 480 resolution, but if native resolution images were captured using other webcam capture software, the left 1/3 of the image was clearly out of focus. I believe the unit had its glass lens tilted relative to the CCD preventing it from ever bringing both sides into focus. As a result, the camera’s touted superior lens was largely negated.

    However, it is otherwise an impressive camera which delivers better tolerance to poor lighting than the built-in MacBook camera. The increased resolution CCD is impressive (in the focused portions of he picture) and gamma response yielded an image which conveyed greater depth.

    If the entire image were in focus simultaneously (in full resolution captures) I would have given this using 5 stars. With the optical flaw, I can only give it 3/5. It is possible that other specimens may have better alignment between the lens and CCD, but without testing several more units, I don’t know if the problem is a design flaw or simply a single missaligned unit.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Dylan says:

    Compact size, superb image with autofocus, clear wide field of view. I am very happy with the video and sound quality. This WebCam replaces my HP 1.3M WebCam HP RD345AA 1.3 Megapixel Webcam for Notebooks.

    INSTALLATION: 3 Stars [Update process could have been smoother]

    Out of the box, the package warns you in several places not to plug the camera in until you have installed the software. They even put a small cover on the USB plug with a message on the cable. Very effective. I turned off AntiVirus protection per the instructions and then installed the software. I enabled automatically check for updates. It said no updates were found. Then I plugged in the camera. After full install, it said updates were available and gave me a link to the website where I was supposed to select my camera, operating system, file version, etc…. I closed that link and found the “Check for Updates” link within the software (Right click on the Logitech Camera icon in the System Tray). That worked smoothly without intervention from me. It updated my software from version 11.1 to 11.5.

    IMAGE: 5 Stars

    The 2 MP camera produces very clear images that work great on Skype. Motion is no longer blurry, and the autofocus works great. The specifications say the autofocus will not work closer than 10 cm, but I find that if you move in slowly, it will work as close as 4 or 5 cm. This is great if you want to show something up close like an image from your digital camera or a label on a product.

    SOUND: 5 Stars

    The built in Microphone combined with the Logitech noise reduction software eliminated all the echos and howling that I expereienced with my previous camera. I no longer have to yell to be heard. I can speak in a normal voice, or even from across the room, and my sound is crystal clear. Flawless.

    CLIP: 3 Stars

    The clip for this device does not hold it securely. The camera can easily be pulled left or right if the USB cable is tugged even slightly. The rubber feet on the clip seem robust, yet it seems to be delicately balanced on the edge of my monitor. It doesn’t fall off, but it is not a solid perch. The camera can be independently tilted up and down, but not left and right. There is no option for clipping the camera to the side of the monitor. The included stand works decently. It is made of three pieces that fit together and then the camera clips to the top. I placed the stand behind my laptop and it worked very well…peering over the top. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust height of this stand. I will probably not bring this on future trips.


    There is a thin button across the top of the camera that allows you to take still photos. I found the camera button was too easy to press while trying to adjust the camera. And since the camera does not clip securely, trying to press this button almost requires two hands…one to steady the camera and the other to push the button. The included software allows Avatars to imitate your facial expressions in place of your real image. You can also add special effects like hats, arrows through your head, or goatee and mustache. When it works, this is a really neat feature that my kids loved! But, even though it was neat, something in that feature conflicted with my Symantec Antivirus. As soon as I turned antivirus back on, turning on these neat video features forced my machine into an immediate shutdown! I got a BSOD followed by a hard shutdown that I haven’t seen since Win95! My machine hung in a state of limbo. The power button wouldn’t turn it off (software driven) but the machine as powered up with a blank screen. I had to pull the plug and remove the battery to complete the shutdown. Each time I turned that feature on while using Antivirus, my computer gave me the BSOD and performed an immediate and hard shutdown. Needless to say, I no longer use these special features.


    This is a neat feature, but I do not find it useful. It really does a great job of following my face, but at what price? It seems like the other person would get seasick watching the background bob and weave as the software followed my head around. I think I am used to seeing the background stay put, while the person moves around in the frame. Anything else is disconcerting. Since I don’t care for this feature, I did not rate it. You may find it entertaining.

    ACCESORIES: 5 Stars

    The included soft-sided pouch, along with the velcro strap for wrapping the USB cord are nice touches as I plan to use this for travel. Why don’t more manufacturers offer these nice touches?


    The video and sound are superb, and that is what really counts. But it seems that logitech could take one more step forward and improve the software to eliminate glitches with anti-virus, improve the software update process, and design a more robust clip. With a few minor changes this would easily be a 5-star item.


    After trying several different brands and models, this one had the best price/performance. Cheaper ones left me wishing I had better video. More expensive ones had me wondering why they cost so much when this one offers everything I need. I would recommend purchasing this item.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Jennifer Ray says:


    Once again, Logitech makes install a breeze! The install and configuration wizards made setup a simple and quick task.


    The documentation was complete and simple to navigate. I spent little time to find the correct installation steps for the device.


    The camera is as easy to use as it was to setup, and was easily accessible through both the Logitech software and 3rd party components that I have installed that are compatible with webcams (Skype, Comcast Videomail, Yahoo IM).

    The size and weight of the webcam is ideal for use with a notebook, and comes complete with a travel case to protect the webcam while in a laptop case, etc.

    My only disappointment with the Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks is the notebook clip. Made for use with laptop PCs, the webcam has a clip that affixes it to the top of the notebook monitor. I found the clip to be somewhat flimsy in the way it secured the device to the laptop. If the attached USB cable is positioned a certain way, the webcam is easily pulled downward, rather than facing straight ahead.

    The video quality is superb, as are the many features the camera is equipped with. Features include powerful color and brightness enhancements as well as more unusual additions such as upside down and mirror images.


    The interfaces for the webcam are intuitive, promoting ease of use. Integration with 3rd party software that support webcam use is seamless.


    While this is a well-made device, it is a small portable unit, and the durability will depend largely on the abuse or care rendered by the individual user. Cautiously returning it to its travel case will prevent scratching of the camera lens. Tossing it loose in a full laptop case will likely cause undue wear and tear on the webcam, shortening its life.


    If you are in the market for a great webcam that is portable and light, then this is a perfect value for you.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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