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Flip MinoHD Video Camera – Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours NEWEST MODEL

October 26, 2010 by  
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  • Carry it anywhere with its sleek and slim design that fits in any pocket or purse
  • Shoot up to 2 hours of stunning HD video (720p / 60fps) on 8 GB of built-in memory; no additional memory needed
  • Keep your video steady on the go with MinoHD’s newest feature, image stabilization
  • Connect the flip-out USB arm directly into your PC or Mac to launch pre-loaded FlipShare software
  • Organize, create and share your videos with FlipShare software

Product Description
The new Flip MinoHD combines signature Flip Video quality with improved technology to offer HD video that is better than ever. MinoHD features incredible 720p resolution, now with 60 frames per second, and built-in image stabilization to produce incredibly clear and steady HD video. The new MinoHD has a simple user interface and a super-slim, pocket-sized design. Easy-to-use pre-loaded FlipShare software lets you organize, edit and share your videos to your own priv… More >>

Flip MinoHD Video Camera – Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours NEWEST MODEL


5 Responses to “Flip MinoHD Video Camera – Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours NEWEST MODEL”
  1. FLIP video has done a great deal to prove to me as a repeat customer that they heavily weigh simplicity and ease of use when designing their products. My family owns two FLIP camcorders and it is clear to me that the previous version:

    -Flip MinoHD Video Camera – Brushed Metal, 8 GB, 2 Hours (2nd Generation) OLD MODEL

    is a much better value for the money as I do not believe the minor updates on this “new” model warrant a $70 plus price increase (a nearly 50% premium!!!!)

    The new generation has maintained the small size and easy use of the second generation. They have added a new sensors and image stabilization to 720p video at 60fps. (Second gen-720p 30fps)

    I bought the 2nd generation flip minoHD (ASIN: B002R5AM7C) as a present for myself and my family to use for many different applications. The kids have used it for making YouTube videos with their friends. We have used it to record Birthdays, Christmas and many other random filmable occasions all with great results. It has become a favorite of all of the members of my family and me.

    My son recently moved away to college and I decided to give the second generation family minoHD to him for school. Conveniently for our Flip-Lacking family, the new 3rd generation minoHD just came out so I ordered it to replace the second generation.

    I would be kidding myself if I did not acknowledge that the new features do add some recording benefits but the basis of this review is that my family and I have decided that these improvements just ARE NOT worth the extra $70.

    The recording quality is still 720p; the fps increase is hardly noticed. I would feel much better about the price increase if 1080p recording had been incorporated but with the newest round of cell phones producing HD video now, FLIP needs to give us more upgrade for the money.

    For now, IMO, the 2nd generation Flip minoHD is a much better value.

    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. Rebecca M says:

    I got one of these as a gift and wasn’t sure I’d use it much since I have accumulated an assortment of digital cameras big and small. This little powerhouse of a camera has become the go-to for all my video. It’s very small and light but comfortable in the hand and I’ve been able to use it with ease without ever opening the instruction book which was a big plus for me. I also love that there is no power or USB cord that I have to keep track of because I’m terrible about keeping those handy for my other cameras. The video plays back crisp and clear even on the full-screen. It rivals my much larger and more expensive Canon HD video camera, which takes amazing video but I rarely use because it’s such a hassle. Overall I think this new Flip is an amazing piece of hardware — stylish, compact, powerful — that couldn’t be easier to use.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. E. Tucker says:

    While in Walmart I saw this new Flip–much smaller caase by the way than the gen 2 design.

    Walmart sells this camera with the 1 hour storage for $159. As of 10/25/2010.

    I will buy one because of the image stabilization feature. I am an older adult geek who has a slight familial tremor. The lack of image stabilization in previous models has kept me from being a Flip owner. I tried out the display model in Walmart and the viewfinder image is extremely stable.

    I am impressed by the Flip manufacturer’s comments regarding the stabilization techniques. As a Kodak retiree I have owned any number of image stabilized still and video cameras and I think Flip has chosen the correct approach.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Susan8888 says:

    I’ve read many negative reviews on previous versions of the Flip because of some kind of USB problem. But I purchased this newest version of the Flip and am happy to report that there are ZERO USB problems. The USB on the Flip MinoHD fits perfectly into the USB ports of my new MacBook Pro and our 1 year old HP desktop computer. The digital zoom looks fine, 720p, 2 hours recording time, shoots in widescreen 16:9 format, 2 hour battery, sound is- good enough. I bought it directly from [...] and got it designed. The image is un-scratchable. I am very pleased with this camera although the price is a bit steep. To be on the safe side, don’t buy any of the previous generations if you have concerns about USB connectivity. But with this newest version it seems like all the USB problems have been fixed.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Robert Hoban says:

    I have a old Flip and I gave it to my kids so I got this one, MY GOSH this is the best one I have ever had. If your going to buy one this is the one……
    Rating: 5 / 5

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