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Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate & VideoStudio Pro X2 Bundle

October 26, 2010 by  
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  • View, organize and edit photos quickly, retouch and enhance photos, create and share photo projects; Utilize a complete video solution with easy-to-use tools, full creative control to add impact to your videos, and end-to-end HD support
  • Includes Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate, VideoStudio Pro X2, MediaOne Plus, Painter Photo Essentials 4, WinDVD, Background remover plug-in, Media recovery software, 2 GB USB flash drive, Special effects filters, and NewBlue Film Effects Filters
  • Includes photo editor, video editor, photo and video management, automatic photo painting, DVD and video playback software, photo recovery, photo special effects, video film effects, and more
  • Import photos automatically including raw images, design scrapbook pages, cards and collages to share; capture video and photos in HD or standard definition from camcorders, Internet, TV, digital cameras and mobile devices; Author Blu-ray and AVCHD discs
  • Give photos a unique look with vintage and artistic effects; add impact to your videos by creating picture-in-picture and montage effects with transitions on overlay tracks, and apply audio/video cross-fades by simply Overlapping clips

Product Description
The Corel Photo & Video Bundle gives you everything you need to edit photos and videos like a pro. Remove flaws, organize and enhance your photos, and turn your favorite shots into creative projects for sharing with Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate. Turn video clips you capture from handheld devices, digital cameras and HDV, AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc and JVC HD camcorders into stunning movies, complete with animated menus, music and special effects, with VideoStudio Pro X… More >>

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate & VideoStudio Pro X2 Bundle


5 Responses to “Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate & VideoStudio Pro X2 Bundle”
  1. Master Shake says:

    I have used adobe products in the past, full versions and essentials. The main difference Ive seen between this and them (the industries so called leaders) is useability. Anyone can sit down to Corel and use it. Very straight forward, and delievers alot of proffesinal quality features.

    The biggest seller for me came from VideoStudio. Making full dvds with menus couldnt be easier. Ive made dics with mulitple layers of menus, just like real movie dvds and Ive only opened the manual a few times.

    Paint Shop Pro Photo has a very nice layout and ease of use. Some more advanced users in photo editing will find a few missing features, or more likely a little less freedom to do some things. But for anyone who takes photos for fun, or as an ametuer hobby, this is more than powerfull enough.

    Painter Essential Photo – takes pictures and turns them into paintings. A good easy to use program, but it will take time to master. Each photo will behave differently, so you have to “repaint” the photo many times to get the outcome you want. Still a nice throw in.

    Recover- I dont know if this is even listed, but it comes with a memory card recovery program. So if you accidently delete, or in the case of my parents, format, your camera’s memory card, you can still get your pictures. My dad accidently formatted his 4gb SD card with about 1gb of photos on it. I was able to not only pull off the 1gb of photos, but the program found another 2gb of photos they had deleted months earlier.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Watch Video Here: The attached movie of my two favorite “critters” was created in under an hour as I learned to use several of the features in the Corel Video Studio using still photos. It shows overlaid titles, several transitions, panning features, and music.

    This package includes Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate and Corel VideoStudio Pro X2 plus a 2G Flash drive to transfer your files.

    I purchased this program to bring “photo and movie capability” to a recently purchased HP with Vista running. I previously used Mac’s IMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and an earlier version of Adobe’s Photoshop, so while not totally an amateur, I am most assuredly NOT a professional.

    So, what I was looking for was a software that was EASY TO USE. I didn’t want to spend hours, days, or months figuring this thing out. And, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on software to do some simple stuff.

    The first program I used was PaintShop Pro. I put the manual to the side and just opened the program to see what I could do. I was excited to discover that I really didn’t need a manual to make all of the adjustments to the photos I enjoy using. What I liked best was that the program’s effects browser used thumbnails of my photo to show me what the effects would do. VERY visual – don’t have to guess or wait to see it rendered to say “what???” And yes, this has everything my older version of Photoshop had plus more. Just a lot easier to use.

    Then, I opened VideoStudio Pro. Within a few seconds I was able to create everything (plus more) that I would normally use. From video editing my “Flip” videos and adding music,titles, and transitions, to exporting them onto a DVD, this program did it all. Again – I was able to do all of these things without a single reference to the manual.

    While I purchased this product as a lightning deal and received it for less than the price of either product, after having a chance to use both products, I would willingly pay the full price. However, if all you need is one or the other, you can use the links above and save a little money by buying only one.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Frazzled says:

    I’ve only used PSPPx2 Ultimate for a few weeks. I haven’t tried the video half of the bundle yet. So, my comments need to be taken from the perspective of a relative greenie – FWIW. The program is relatively easy to use and has lots of neat features. Basic photo editing has been easy and fun with acceptable results. My initial complaints, however, are:

    DISCLAIMER – I have not contacted Corel Support and maybe these issues are user induced but, IMHO, they are things that I would not have expected the program to do.

    1. The program is quite slow – and before you bash my computer – I’m running the latest i7 processor with 6GB of Ram and 1.2TB of disk space. On really large files or big batch edits it runs slowly enough that things time out and freeze up.

    2. It seems to have a propensity for demoting your color space. This is probably an attempt to remedy the slowness problem. For example, I opened a 9.8MB picture did some basic editing and it demoted it to 8-bit and saved it as a 1.9MB file. I set the compression as low as I could to get the quality as high as I could and I still ended up with a puny little file.

    3. It doesn’t like Nikon Raw (.NEF) files. If I convert a NEF file to JPEG in Capture NX, PSPPx2U won’t open it. If I open the raw file in PPSPx2U and save it as a JPEG. Nothing will open it.

    Again, there may be fixes for these issues that I haven’t found yet but they are enough for me to mark the rating down to 3 stars if for no other reason than the frustration factor. In all fairness to Corel I’ll be glad to update this review if I find there is a resolution to these issues.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Bob says:

    This is a great product for the money! It does most of what Photoshop does, but for a lot less money. The video editing software (Video Studio Pro X2) is quite good. It has a regular editing mode (powerful, but requires some reading and practice) and an easy mode where the software helps you construct a movie in an easy format (something like a “wizard”).

    For the money, this is an excellent product.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. T. Jez says:

    I purchased this bundled software after a friend told me it was a great deal. I have previously used adobe and pinnacle software for my photo and video editing and find this to be a worthy purchase.

    Adobe is powerful with inumerable available resources, but comes with a steep price tag. Paintshop offers more features for less money and the program seems more intuitive. I haven’t had to search around nearly as long to find a needed command.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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