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Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate

October 26, 2010 by  
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  • Support for over 250 cameras has been added for those who shoot in the raw format
  • New Media Recovery software is included and can recover images, movies and sound files from memory cards, including SD, miniSD, microSD, CompactFlash I & II, Memory Stick, MMC, xD, SmartMedia and Micro Drive, even if they have been reformatted
  • Includes a 2 GB USB flash drive for storing and transferring your digital photos and files
  • Express Lab–this easy photo fixing mode helps you view and correct dozens of photos in the time it used to take to edit just a few by letting you edit photos without opening each image file individually
  • Red Eye Removal–Eliminate red eye in one click or use advanced red-eye removal that even works on pets

Product Description
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate combines ease of use with full professional power. Fix brightness, color and photo imperfections like red eye in a few clicks, or use precision photo-editing controls to create photos you¿ll be proud to share. Includes everything in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, plus: ¿ Enhanced! Camera raw support – Enjoy support for over 250 camera raw formats ¿ New! Background remover plug-in – Easily remove the background of a photo and cha… More >>

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate


5 Responses to “Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate”
  1. I have been negligent in reviewing the Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate image editing program because I wanted to be sure about what I suspected when I began using it a couple of months ago. “This program is better in many ways and cheaper than the top rated Adobe Photoshop Elements version 7.”

    I was reluctant to believe that hunch at first. I have both programs installed on a VISTA laptop. Both installed easily and without problem. Both function perfectly without any of the crashing and buggy performance described by other reviewers. I have been using the two programs interchangeably for awhile and eventually noticed that I was opening and using the Corel Paint Shop Pro program more often than the Adobe software. That was the prompt that I needed to offer this review, but my observations do not intend to say the Adobe Photoshop Elements program is necessarily inferior–I simply prefer the Corel software and find it less complicated to use. I will attempt to tell you why.

    First, the Corel home screen is easier to see. I found the Adobe Photoshop Elements screen sort of dark and foreboding. The two screens are similar in how the toolbars and menu items are arranged, but not all that much alike in how they are applied. I think the Corel program is more intuitive and logical than the Adobe system.

    Both programs have all of the usual features like red eye removal, cropping, brightness adjustments and cloning. These are mostly straight forward, but the Corel program strikes me as less complicated in these areas than the Adobe.

    I should admit at the onset–I have yet to master the “Layers” functions in either program. Be that as it may, I am pretty familiar with the rest of the tasks offered by both programs.

    Adding images to the organizer pallet at the bottom of the main Corel window is a snap. The “saving as a copy” option in the Corel program is very helpful. Image color adjustments can be made in a number of ways in both programs, but Corel Paint Shop offers better options for changing hue, saturation and texture. I was happy to find how easily edits can be reversed with undo opportunities along the way. The image straightening and adjusting perspective features are worthy of note as is the skin smoothing and tooth whitening options. There is even an option in the Corel program to make a person appear thinner. I never thought I would use that tooth whitening thing, but I have.

    I found the Corel feature called “Browse effects” to be particularly useful because it brings up a familiar outline style listing of everything the program does all in one place. One doesn’t need to click around on various icons and menu items in order to find the function desired. Clicking through this “Browse effects” list brings up thumbnails that illustrate the choices involved. One could almost use this feature and ignore the array of icons and menus situated around the main window.

    I have used the Corel “time machine” function a few times to give vintage appearances to certain photos and find it to be fun if nothing else. The same is true for the frames and distort features along several other artistic effect functions that I doubt most people would use very often. The reason I mention these options is to point out the presence of several functions that are really just amusing to use and probably not essential to serious photo editing.

    The ability to adjust the appearance of the home window in the Corel program is appreciated, but I have not messed with that at all. I like the looks of it as is.

    Oh, one more thing–adjusting the “layers” in an image may have been included in both programs as a means to humble the user. Just kidding…

    If you are trying to decide which program to buy and think the Adobe Photo Shop Elements program is definitely number one you should certainly consider the Corel alternative. I would recommend you buy the Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate instead of the Adobe Photoshop Elements program Version 7 not because they are so different in what they do, but because they are so similar in almost everything else except the price and ease of use. The Corel Paint Shop software is easier to figure out and it is significantly less costly than the Adobe program. Then of course there is the matter of how I found myself using the Corel program more often than the Adobe program. I think that says something.

    UPDATE(December 2009):

    I recently loaded the Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate software into a new Windows 7 laptop and it went in perfectly and quickly. The program seems to open up and run faster than it did on my VISTA machine. I like it even more. Just thought you would like to know.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Chawks says:

    X2 Ultimate is faster than X2 and seems to be free of bugs. In addition, X2 Ultimate includes Background Remover 3 from Image Skill software.

    My only complaint is that Smart Photo Fix applies the “suggested fixes” before I can make adjustments. Because of this I have to undo the “suggested fixes” and then apply my fixes.

    Smart Photo fix works very well in dark environments but it does not work well in bright climates. Everything is way overexposed! The technology appears to have been developed in Russia where the sunlight exposure is much lower than the southern U.S.

    This same overexposure problem affects “One Step Photo Fix”. Corel would be well advised to return to the “One Step Photo Fix” from version 9. My clients were absolutely amazed by the one step photo fix in version 9.

    Nevertheless, Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultimate is by far the best photo editor available for the price. While not as powerful as Photoshop, it is much easier to use and more powerful than Photoshop Elements 6 or 7. The only product that is close in power for the price is Serif’s Photoplus X2.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. This product is wonderful, it allows you to do anything with a photo. It is not a sit down and start using program and does take some time to learn. The book is well worth reading because it is a bit complicated. However, once you learn how to use it, its super simple and can easily change any photo into a great portrait.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I have owned all Paint Shop Pro versions. Recent versions had some enhancements, but also some bugs that tech support could not resolve and which still appear in Ultimate. But, I upgraded to X2 Ultimate because it claimed to support my Nikon D300 RAW files. They do open, but they can not be saved directly as uncompressed TIFF files. In fact, in this version the problem applies to all NEF files from my other Nikon DSLRs as well (though those worked fine in the previous version). The bug was verified by Corel Tech Support and I applied for a refund. It was bad enough that I had to pay $60 for a minor upgrade; but, worse, Corel refuses to refund the shipping charges I paid. So, I have to pay $9.00 for the privilege of discovering a bug that rendered this version useless in my workflow. Corel seems to have little regard for users of this increasingly buggy software.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Dan Tyler says:

    After wasting nearly 15 hours trying to repair my computer, I went to Corel’s support site and discovered that Paint Shop Pro X2 is NOT compatible with MANY computers’ graphic chip sets.

    True. Many faster computers use chip sets (including NVIDIA) that cause your installation and program execution to stall. My computer kept freezing and required a complete reinstall of the operating system! Yes, all my data was lost and it took me all weekend to discover that Paint Shop Pro X2 had caused this problem.

    Although Corel recommends upgrading your drivers, many of the newest drivers are not compatible with this program. I have a an HP notebook that has a custom driver- not upgradable so I am out of luck!

    It is truly disappointing that Corel has not updated Paint Shop Pro X2 to reflect faster chip sets. A weekend has been wasted for me and all my PSP projects are UNusable on my new computer.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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